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Weekend Workshops with Jambo (Dragon) Truong

February 08, 2019

The Art of Letting Go

Saturday 9th February

12:30 to 4:30pm

Virgin Active, Pitt St, Sydney



This therapeutic session builds up to a space that can be created when we let go. Experience the subtle yet powerful changes to the nervous system when we let go and what that does for your strength and flexibility training whilst also enhancing relaxation or meditative experiences.

A mixed-level class that includes hip work and long resting poses at the beginning and end exploring deep states of Nidra & Savasana.

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You are Enough 

Sunday 10th February

12:30 to 4:30pm

Virgin Active, Pitt St, Sydney


This play-shop is a light hearted approach to training functional lines that enable the experience of greater joy in arm balancing and inversions. 


You will be guided through a series of progressions that practitioners of any level can get involved in experiencing and teaching, with a particular emphasis on strengthening what is weak. This means that each practitioner in the room will be doing something different, based on where their own imbalances of strength have come from. 


By strengthening movement patterns that are weak, we strengthen the over all system - so when it’s time to play with inversions, it’s a completely new experience. 

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Book for both workshops: $175


About Jambo:

Jambo frequently travels teaching workshops based on Forrest Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Native practises of the Medicine People. He is also an experienced bodyworker and bodywork teacher based on his multi-disciplinary practise of structural alignment, muscles testing and classical East Asian medicine.

As a Forrest Yoga Guardian and travelling assistant to Ana Forrest, he is committed to delivering the healing practise of Forrest Yoga in its most authentic form. He supplements asana workshops with sessions on functional anatomy, neuro-science, applied kinesiology and structural bodywork. He has an immense amount of passion explaining why what we do works.

He believes that the foundation for physical and emotional growth walk side by side. The yoga mat is a safe arena to explore the areas we are working towards as well as the places we are afraid to meet. This safe space is deliberately generated so that we can walk with full integration. All of our gifts and the shadows that we need to snuggle up to.

For all booking enquiries, please email

Unlock your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

March 2nd + April 6th


Do you walk around with habitual tightness and tension in your shoulders, neck and upper back? If you do, this workshop is for you!


We will explore how to create freedom and strength in your shoulders, neck and upper back. By using a focussed breath and specific Forrest Yoga poses, you will safely learn to unlock these habitual tension spots by strengthening and lengthening the muscles around these joints to create space and ease of movement. Bringing intelligence to these areas will help you to walk through your life with grace, freedom and a greater sense of spaciousness.


A must for desk jockeys, athletes and anyone who walks through life with habitual tension in their neck, shoulders and upper back i.e.: EVERYONE!

Previous workshops have SOLD OUT!

2 options:

Egg of the Universe

March 2nd - click here to book

Body Mind Life

April 6th - click here to book

Here's what others have to say:

Beth, Thank you for the most amazing experience and the depth of knowledge you provided in the Head and Neck workshop in June 2018. The awareness I now have in regards to how I can release my shoulder and neck area has impacted my body and my yoga practice in a way I would never have expected. I am stronger in my practice and my posture is improving day by day. Thanks for your wisdom, care and professionalism.

Natalie D

Hi Beth,

My partner Gian and I recently completed your neck & shoulders workshop at Egg of the Universe and we absolutely loved it! We both work desk jobs and find that the neck and shoulders are ongoing trouble spots for us. We found the workshop to be one of the best workshops we've been to. Not only did we leave feeling amazing, we also left equipped with tools and knowledge to implement into our yoga practice, work days and home life and we talk about what we learned almost every second day. We've told all of our desk friends about it!

You also mentioned that there will be another neck and shoulders workshop in October? We are so looking forward to it!

Lauren B

Dear Beth
I attended your workshop on Saturday at Egg of the Universe - it was truly amazing - I felt as if you had prepared it exactly for me and my needs - so thank you so much!
I have felt an unlocking immediately over the past two days and am so keen to keep working with the methods you shared in the workshop.
I think it would help me greatly to work with you one on one for a few sessions- perhaps have a weekly private session with you for a month or so to start with?  
Besides my long standing locked back and over strained neck, I’m coming out of having a frozen shoulder for the last six months and your guidance would be so helpful as I recover and restrengthen. 

Tanya P

Dear Beth
My beautiful friend Kirst, encouraged me to do this workshop with you today.
I was very nervous, as it’s been a while since I’ve done yoga, though as Kirst was coming too and I have issues with my shoulders, I thought what have I got to lose. 
I wanted to thank you so much for the workshop, as it not only re-opened my body and you gave me the tools to ensure I relax my neck, but I had an amazing spiritual experience too... and was quite teary and emotional afterwards. Obviously you unlocked more in me than just my neck.... thank you so much!!!
Can’t wait to do some more yoga and hopefully even a retreat with you :)

Kylie P

KarmaKidsYoga Training - Fun with a Twist

Share the gift of yoga, deep breathing, meditation & visualisation with kids & learn to design creative & comprehensive kids yoga classes

Join us for a fun and practical workshop that combines stories, music and games with traditional yoga techniques to create a unique movement experience for children between 3 and 8 years (with older ages covered too).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Kids yoga – What is it?

  • Understanding the ages and stages of development

  • Planning fun and creative kid’s yoga classes

  • Imagination, visualization and meditation

  • Ideas for keeping children engaged, interested and focused

  • Behaviour management tools

  • Stories, music and games

  • Observing a kids yoga class

  • Sharing resources

  • Potential job opportunities to work with KarmaKidsYoga


For yoga teachers, childcare workers, teachers, therapists, parents, babysitters, siblings or anyone who wants to share the gift of yoga with children.



$595.00 (including manual)
Early bird special $540 (if paid by March 30th 2019)
02 9810 3146


Beth has been practicing yoga for 32 years and is certified to teach children’s yoga through the Next Generation Teacher Training and the Radiant Child Yoga Program Levels 1, 2, and 3. She is also a qualified Montessori pre-school teacher (MA NYU). Beth trains Early Childhood Educators in how to weave aspects of yoga into their daily class curriculum and her company, KarmaKidsYoga, brings yoga into preschools across Sydney. She holds her Yoga Alliance 500 RYT and Level 2 Yoga Australia certifications, and is a Level 2 Forrest Yoga teacher.

5 Day Hands on Assists TT with Jambo Truong and Sinhee McCabe 11th -15th September

September 10, 2019

Who is this training for?

This 5 Day training is designed for any style yoga 200 hrs TT teachers to learn how to guide students to unlock tension in poses and use their breath to feel actual shifts inside.  

It's especially suited for those wanting to deepen assisting skills.

Learn injury prevention from repetitive yoga movements and how to guide structure alignment to avoid compression of spine and joints and improve body and breath awareness in practice.  

It is also open to faithful yoga practitioners who want to learn how to assist themselves to delve deeper in practice.


It is taught by Forrest Yoga Guardians, Sin Hee McCabe and Jambo Truong


Additional Benefits

  • 35-hour credit towards the 300-Hour Forrest Yoga® Advanced Teacher Training.

  • Reach your requirement for the 300-hour Forrest Yoga Advanced teacher Training certification.

  • Gain Yoga Alliance credit points


Course Description

This training will deepen your understanding of structural balance in practice and how to touch students and clients in a healthy way. You will learn and practice guiding techniques in how to unlock tension in the body which helps students to deepen their breath in poses and increases neuromuscular connection so that they learn to move with less struggle and more awareness! 


Virgin Active, Pitt St, Sydney


September 11th - 15th

Times to be advised

Your investment:


Early Bird $895* if paid in full by July 31st.

Click here to book

Please note: this payment includes a non-refundable deposit of $500. Refunds will only be given until 31st July. Beyond that, you a free to transfer the training to another.

For all booking enquiries, please email

Read more about Sinhee 

Read more about Jambo

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