Celebrate your last single moments in true Goddess style


If sexy bars and strippers are not your thing, and you'd prefer to celebrate your final single moments being pampered with Goddess Yoga bliss, then let's plan the ultimate gathering where you will feel like the Princess Bride to be, and your circle of friends will celebrate you in a nourishing and soulful way.


Every Bride is different... how do you want to celebrate?


  • Meet in the park, at the beach or at your favourite sacred space for a Goddess Yoga Class and Ceremony.

  • Go away for the weekend and start and end each day with a Goddess yoga practice... it's simply up to you!

  • Create a half day retreat and celebrate your inner goddess with an hour yoga practice to energise bodies and calm minds; mini facials to pamper your spirit, and a nutricious and delicious whole food high tea to nourish your soul.


Every Bride is different... how do you want to celebrate?


Simply call me and we can discuss creating the perfect Goddess Celebration.



Just Breathe: Yoga for Every Body

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and honouring your inner Beauty

through yoga, retreats and community.

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