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Harvesting Happy Hips + Hamstrings
A Forrest Yoga Masterclass

It’s often said that the hips are our ‘emotional storehouse’, constantly digesting the ebb and flow of life and its’ challenges. Add to that the endless hours of sitting and well, you have gnarly hips and a tight lower back.


And it doesn’t stop there!


For so many of us, our hamstrings feel like they’ll never lengthen and become less taut and tight and they, too, may pull on our lower back and make our hips feel even tighter (exacerbated by sitting!)

Join me for this transformational Forrest Yoga Masterclass.


Together we will journey into your power and potency with patience, and harvest happier, healthier and more spacious hips and hamstrings.


Saturday 14th October

1 to 4pm


$60 Members / $70 Non-members

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