Why choose a private or semi-private class?


Do you have a busy schedule and time is an issue for you?

Private yoga sessions allow you the freedom to choose the place and the time that best suits you to practice. There are no issues fitting into your schedule and no need to stress out about getting to a class on time. You can choose to practice at home or at one of our studio spaces.


Are you a new student and unsure of yoga movement patterns and terminology?  

Private yoga sessions with me will ensure that you are taught the basic alignment of each Asana (pose) correctly so that you build your practice from a safe and strong foundation. 


Are you recovering from an injury and need specific guidance into and out of poses?

I will tailor the session to suit your needs and create a practice that is mindful of the injury and builds strength and flexibility to your whole body. 


Are you fearful of group classes and feel intimidated in group settings?

Private sessions, or semi-private with a partner or friends, will ensure that you feel safe and confident to practice mindfully.


Practising privately will ensure that

ALL of your needs and goals are met.

Private & Semi-Private Classes


Offered in the comfort of your own home or at one of our studio spaces.


When: You choose

Time: one hour

Options include private, semi- private and up to 4 people. Please contact Beth for prices.


Studio hire fee: $25



After hernia surgery that left me with abdominal pain due to postoperative scarring, plus lower back pain after a long period of postoperative immobility, I turned to Beth for some one-on-one yoga sessions to get me moving again and to address my lower back issues.

Having attended Beth’s group yoga classes before, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the best teacher to work with. Her focus on correct movement sets her lessons apart from others I have attended. Beth’s students learn how to precisely control their practice so they do not get injured. 

In our private sessions, Beth has applied this attention to detail to help me achieve movement and healing in my postoperative scar tissue. We have stepped up the intensity of the practice in a gradual fashion so that I do not experience any pain in my abdominal muscles. She has adapted poses and given me new techniques to release my lower back. I have become increasingly pain free and more mobile each week, ticking off mini milestones in my daily life. Simple things like being able to sit in a chair pain free are a huge step forward.

I highly recommend Beth as a yoga teacher for everyone, injured or not. But if you have specific problems to address, Beth is definitely the one. She can be your guide on the path to healing, mobility, and strength. 

Jenny Henry

When Beth and I found each other, I was barely able to get up and down from the floor!


In a few short months of consistent classes my whole world has changed. We have been practising Yin and slow Yang movements and I have noticed an increase in my flexibility by at least 60%.


When we started I was fearful that I could not hold the positions, but now I want to stay in each position for longer and am disappointed when it's time to come pout of a pose!  The yoga practise has enabled me to connect my mind, body and breath and I am coping with life and its stresses with far more grace and ease.


Thank you Beth -  I love our Yoga !


Jo Rosenthal

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