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Forrest Yoga Classes

a growing tribe

Honouring the intelligence and wisdom of Forrest Yoga, my classes are intelligently sequenced so that you move at a slower pace, giving time for your muscles to heat, energy to build and an opportunity to delve deeper within, both physically and emotionally, and so discover the true medicine that is yoga.

  • We work together to ensure that you honour your body – its strengths and weaknesses - to prevent injury and build stamina, balance and inner calm.

  • You'll learn how to synchronise your breath with movement to cultivate a moving meditation.

  • Classes vary in size numbers allowing you to benefit by drawing energy and vitality from others around you, while still receiving individual attention.

  • Cultivate new friendships with like-minded students who want to bring strength, vitality and calm into their busy lives.



Breath * Strength * Integrity * Spirit

The Intention:

  • to celebrate you & what you can do;
  • to cultivate a practice that fills you with Pleasure & Delight

What this means:

  • your injuries are welcome;
  • your imbalances are welcome;
  • your fears are welcome;
  • all of you is welcome because You are Enough!


The Gifts:

  • you will be seen, celebrated & assisted;
  • super intelligent sequences honouring what you can do
  • slow down & feel safe to explore more deeply - physically, energetically & emotionally;
  • access deeper breaths & cultivate new pathways to feel more, heal & become strong-er.

At Body Mind Life & Egg of the Universe

ceremony smoke.JPG


Beth, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found you as a yoga teacher. I have done yoga for many years but gave up in the end due to not feeling like I could ever attain the highest of discipline required by some teachers. My back and neck have never been happy with the strain.


In your classes I am learning to move in a way that my body feels its truly meant to move. I wish you could know how much that means to me. Its a really big deal and I just wanted to thank you personally.

Kaye Freeman


Dear Beth! 

It's 30 mins or so after Friday's class and I am noticing a significant shift in consciousness. That wheel adjustment that you did has opened my heart area. I didn't know the heart could feel such internal and deep goose bumps until now! 


My perception is more open and inclusive. I am hearing, seeing and feeling through the heart. It's really quite something, but instead of telling you more through my brain and writing it down, I'm going to sit right here for a long time and experience this. 

Thank you!

Jim K

Dear Beth

I took your class at Egg of the Universe yesterday morning. You approached me in half pigeon and suggested that I could let go of the holding around my neck and throat, and indeed, your whole class offered this invitation.

It was such a profound intervention for me. This morning in my practice, at every breath (where I remembered), I brought my soft attention to that place - noticing how I hold there and curious about what that holding is being and doing. My sense is that you saw something very clear and important - something that I have - unsurprisingly - missed - the water in which this fish swims.


Teachers are such a gift, and increasingly I am astonishingly grateful for women who dedicate their wisdom to other women. I wanted to thank you.


Peace be with you.


Professor Danielle Celermajer

Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Lovely Beth! 

I just wanted to say I so, so enjoyed your class and our chat this evening. I'll be following you around all summer long my dear!

Thanks for leading and inspiring. You're a really incredible teacher!

Jess Bancroft

Health Coach

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