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Finding the right class 


Not everyone wants to join a large yoga studio where classes are often packed and the temperature is too hot.


  • Smaller and longer group classes may be more to your taste

  • A private or semi private with a partner or friend 

  • Time is limited and you can't fit in with regular class schedules

  • You're responsible for a team of people who work hard and are really stressed?  Offer them a break away from their desks

  • You have a child and want to introduce them to the magic of yoga


Take a look and find the most suitable class...


Breath* Strength * Integrity * Spirit
Forrest Yoga Classes in studios


An opportunity to dive deeper within, using breath to guide you into strength, vitality and Spirit.

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Online Forrest Yoga Classes


I have a NEW platform for online Forrest Yoga classes + Mini Tutorials.

7 days FREE + 30% discount off first month membership when you use my discount code: BETBORDA

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Private/Semi-private/Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Private yoga sessions offer students the opportunity to have all of their needs and goals met.


There are several reasons why you would choose a Private Yoga Session.  

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Regular stress at work, staring at a computer screen, making deals, breaking deals, meeting demanding deadlines and negotiating pesky office politics – IS THIS YOUR WORKLIFE?


Read on to find out why corporate yoga classes can invigorate your day, making you and your team more productive, focussed and less stressed.  

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Hens Celebration


Would you like to celebrate your Hen's Day in true Goddess style?


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The Karma Class


Gifting our youth with yoga, breath and mindfulness in school to help them develop essential skills for a lifetime of health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.


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