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Welcome to KarmaKidsYoga


KarmaKidsYoga is great fun for your child's mind, body and spirit. We combine stories, music, imagination and visualisation with traditional yoga techniques to create a unique movement experience. 


Children are innately flexible; they love to engage all their senses and explore freely with their mind, body and spirit. KarmaKids Yoga offers fun-filled classes where children are encouraged to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out. 

KarmaKidsYoga at Childcare Centres

KarmaKidsYoga provides kids yoga classes to hundreds of children between the ages of 2-5 years at various childcare centres across Sydney.


In addition, we provide a NESA accredited one day workshop for all Early Childhood & Early Primary (K to Y3) teachers to experience first hand the gifts and benefits of bringing yoga experiences into each school day, thus creating a culture of yoga within the greater school environment. 

Educators are also offered ideas to manage their own health and wellbeing, and tools to stay physically and emotionally strong and resilient.

This intention, together with weekly kids yoga classes taught by Beth and her team of highly trained yoga teachers, helps to reduce separation anxiety, makes transitions easier and teaches kids about the soothing magic of their breath while moving their bodies in a fun and non-competitive way.

Contact KarmaKidsYoga for more information.

Fun with a Twist  

A Kids Yoga Workshop for anyone who is keen to share the gifts of yoga with kids


A fun and practical workshop that combines stories, music and games with traditional yoga techniques to create a unique movement experience for children between 3 and 7 years. 


Next Training!

May 4th & 5th

at Egg of the Universe

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KarmaKidsYoga Birthday Parties


A great way to celebrate your child's birthday.


Contact Beth for more information.


Children who practice KarmaKidsYoga


•  develop balance, strength and body awareness 

•  build toned and supple muscles

•  increase their concentration, focus and attention

•  nurture their imagination and creativity

•  build self-esteem and confidence

•  develop personal tools for stress management

•  enjoy increased self awareness

•  learn compassion and co-operation

•  respect others and the environment

•  learn anatomy and physiology

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